Ramen Bayashi, Narita – ラーメンばやし、成田

I was in Narita city and was craving for some ramen. So did a bit of exploring, found this nice place just a few minutes away from the station.


Reviews says that its the best ramen in Narita, so I popped in right away. The interior has a lot of aviation related items. I suppose its either the owner is/was a pilot or someone in aviation, or the theme just fits as its near the airport. I went in only saw foreigners, I suppose they’re either aircrews or in transit like me.


I ordered the Shinsenmen or the red chilli pepper soup as its supposed to be spicy and Gyoza.


The shinsenmen was not spicy enough for my taste but still delicious. The gyoza are also lovely. All for somewhere around ¥1500. Will definitely come back here if I happen to be in Narita.

Address: 〒286-0033 Chiba Prefecture, 成田市花崎町533−9 コメヤビル1F
Tel +81 476-24-3631
Hours: 11:00 – 20:30
Website: http://ramenbayashi.hp.gogo.jp/pc/index.html

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