Ramen Miyako (らーめんみやこ) – Gion Main Store (祇園本店)

What do you do when you’re starving after a whole day of exploring Kyoto and Himeji? Food of course! So this couple just spent the last hour going around Kyoto’s Gion area, and taking long exposure pictures of the area from Nishiromon, were so hungry that we just went in the first restaurant that we met. We were glad that we landed in Ramen Miyako

We asked the waiter in broken in nihongo on what would be the best ramen there. She diplomatically answered “Our main menu is Miyako ramen.”

Ramen Miyako menu. Source: Ramen Miyako – News

So I asked, which one do you like? She said chicken salt ramen (鶏らーめん). So that settles it. One chicken salt ramen, one miso ramen and one serving of torikaraage. The waiter was flattered that we ordered her favorite dish.

The chicken salt ramen soup was savory, fulfilling. The chashu are delicious. Now i’m drooling writing this. The miso ramen and the torikaraage was nice. I think we spent less than ¥2000 for a very fulfilling meal.

Ramen Miyako has several other branches in Kyoto, Inagawa, Himeji, Ryuo (Shiga) and Yamatokoriyama (Nara).

Website: http://ramen-miyako.com/
Address: (Gion Honten) Japan, 〒605-0073 Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto, Higashiyama Ward, Gionmachi Kitagawa, 303
Tel +81 75-541-1385
(Gion Honten)
Weekdays 11AM to 5AM
Sundays and Public Holidays 11AM to 12AM

other branches: http://ramen-miyako.com/shop/index.html


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