Houston Murals

On my business trip to Houston last summer, one of my team mates wanted to hunt for murals. So we went out on a nice sunday morning to find Houston’s not so hidden artworks.

Our first destination was the Montrose area inside the inner loop. The Pride Wall is located on Westheimer road and Dunlay Street, in a parking lot. If you’re driving from I-610, it will be on the right side of the road.


We parked the car and proceeded on foot to look for some more. We found these three by walking east towards downtown.

Since we couldn’t find anything else to our liking, we went back and went to the west of the pride wall where we found some more. You’ll see that I posted a building with no murals on it. Its because I kinda like the building, seems to be a Greek food restaurant.

After making sure that we couldn’t find anymore murals in the area, we drove downtown where we found a space dog.


and the Redbull Flying Bach Mural painted behind the Engine Room

Then we went on for the Graffiti Park

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Our last mural stop for the day was the wing on 1600 Smith Street


update: 20 July 2018

While visiting El Gato Coffee House I noticed that they also have a mural




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