El Gato Coffee House, Houston

I was looking for a kitty fix the other day. Unlike Jakarta, it’s really rare to see a cat wondering around in Houston. So looked up cat cafe and I found one called El Gato Coffee house, down at the Houston Heights.


The coffee house closes at 6PM so I went straight ahead from work at 4PM. I got there just before 5PM and was greeted by one of the staffs. She explained that the cafe is partnered with friends 4 life, a no kill shelter. All the resident cats in the cafe are adoptable. She also handed me a waiver form for me to sign. Then she explained that cats with orange collars are, in her words, sassy. In other words, don’t expect cuddles and hugs from these orange collared fur balls. I paid $10 for a one hour session in the cafe and ordered a vegan kolach and their cold brew.

I was greeted by Smokey at soon as I came in. He’s a Russian blue shorthair. Very friendly. Later on, Smokey “walked” a senior visiting the cafe. Smokey was playing with a piece of string and the granpa picked it up. They ended up walking around the cafe with Smokey taking the lead.


I picked a table where this guy was sleeping. I noticed the orange collar, but decided to pet him anyway. He then proceeded to gnaw on my hands. Started off soft nibbles, then became harder. Ok, no more bites for you matey.


Then I went on to hang around this nice lady. So chill.


Then I said hi to this man. He didn’t like it. He gave me a few scratches on left my hand.


This one stood beside my cold brew, but growled when I was about to pick it up. I’m sorry your majesty.

Inky the black cat owns the restroom. So you’d have to share with her.


It was almost dinner time so everyone was anxious, waiting for their dinner.. Dinner comes out from the door with the kitty door.

El Gato is quite cozy to hang around. They even have a study/work pass where you only need to pay $14 for a 3 hour stay. I’m planning to do so sometime next week. The kolach and cold brew were quite nice. They also have yoga classes and art classes on weekends. El Gato also offers memberships, $35 a month for unlimited weekday visits or $50 for unlimited weekday visits + 1 hour weekend visits.


As I stated before, the cats there are adoptable, there’s a catalog of showing the resident cats and their profiles. I also noticed that some of the kitties are on sleepovers.

So, if you’re in Houston, and in a desperate need to hang out with cats or you’d like to adopt one, come over to El Gato.

Address: 508 Pecore St suite a, Houston, TX 77009
Tel (832) 968-3006
Monday: Closed
Tuseday – Friday: 12:00 – 18:00
Saturday: 10:00 – 18:00
Sunday: 12:00 – 17:00
Website: http://www.elgatocoffeehouse.com/


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