Toyama Black Ramen (富山ブラックラーメン) – Menya Iroha (麺屋いろは)

The Toyama black ramen (富山ブラックラーメン) is a unique ramen of Toyama where the soup is jet black and made of simmered koikuchi shoyu or dark soy sauce. It is known to be created by a ramen shop of Toyama city called Taiki (大喜 根塚店) back in 1947. Since we’re passing through Toyama, we decided to give it a go.

Toyama Tourism Information Website pointed us to one of the menya serving the black ramen, which is Menya Iroha. It’s located in B1F of CiC building just across the station. We went there and ordered one for us each.


We were used to the savory taste of chicken or pork based broths/soup so the salty soy based sauce was something really different for me. Toyama black ramen are known to be very salty, but for this one tastes just right.

Menya Iroha itself has several branches outside of Toyama (Kyoto, Ebina and Akihabara) and overseas (Hongkong, Shanghai, Wuhan and Bangkok). So you don’t have to go to Toyama to give it a try.

Address: (CiC Branch) CiC Bldg.B1, 1-2-3 Shintomi-Cho, Toyama-shi, Toyama
930-0002 Japan
Tel +81-776-444-7211
Hours: (CIC Branch) 11AM to 2AM

other branches:


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