Ajikura Tengoku, Takayama – 味蔵天国,高山市

So we’ve heard that the Hida (飛騨) region is known for its Hida beef or Hida gyu. Although its not as famous as its cousin the Kobe beef, Hida beef is one of the best beef in Japan. Being a fan of beef, we agreed that we must get our hands on Hida beef.

After reviewing our options in Takayama, we decided to go to Ajikura Tengoku Yakiniku located near Takayama train station. We went there on our first night in Takayama, a sunday night. However, we were a bit late (around 8pm) and the place was full. So we put in a reservation for the next day.

We came in at 7pm and was escorted to our table. We ordered a set for two (¥8,980) and some sides of kimchi (¥580). I’m sorry What? Kimchi you said? Well as it turns out, this yakiniku house is a Korean style bbq house.

Serving for two. Hida beef loin cut, Hida beef upper galbi, Hida beef loin and Hida beef slice

The marbling of the beef, the taste. It was fantastic. All for a little bit over ¥10,000 (~USD95).

The restaurant is a must for any meat lovers visiting Takayama. Suggest reserving in advance, especially for dinners.

Address: 〒506-0026 Gifu Prefecture, Takayama, 花里4−147
Tel +81 577-37-1129
Hours: 11:00 – 14:00 and 17:00 – 21:00
Website: http://www.ajikura.jp/

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