Japan Train Station Stamps

Stamps are a big thing in East Asian countries, especially in Japan. Instead of hand written signatures, you’ll be using hanko or stamps for documents. Everyone has their own personalized stamps for documents.

Not only people, stations also have their own stamps. The stamps are usually located on a stand near one of the entrances of a station. You could also ask the station staffs of the locations.

I love collecting stuffs and I love trains, so I’ll use this post to stash all of the stamps I’ve collected during my Japan travels. Collection’s still very limited due to some lost notes 😦

Greater Tokyo Area


Kansai Area


Japan Rail (JR) Stations

Keihan Electric Railway – 京阪電鉄

Eizan Electric Railway – 叡山電鉄

Nara – 奈良


Nara Station – 奈良駅

Himeji – 姫路

Kanagawa – 神奈川県

Niigata – 新潟県

Tokamachi Station – 十日町駅

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