Mod Pizza

20180702_214644325_iOSSo a friend told me of her favorite pizza place in Houston. It’s called Mod Pizza. She told me that you can customize your pizza with your preferred topping.

I looked it up and found that Mod Pizza is what they call an artisan style pizza. You could select your preferred topping out of 30 available toppings and then the pizza will be baked at an 800-degree Fahrenheit (425 °C) pizza oven. According to its wikipedia page, the name MOD is an acronym of Made On Demand.

For a start you can either choose a predefined menu, or you could just have everything you way.


Select your base


choose your protein. I personally like the spicy chicken sausage


choose your green or red stuffs. add more cheese if you want.

20180720_161402360_iOS or add some sauce. Pay up and get your pizza in a few minutes.


MOD pizza is available in  more than 300 locations in the US and UK.

Address: 5777 San Felipe St | Houston, TX 77057
Tel 713 343 4758
Sun-Thu 10:30AM-10PM
Fri-Sat 10:30AM-10PM

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