Soma Sushi, Houston

Soma sushi is one of our friend's "ceritified" delicious restaurant in Houston. Even though the name says it's a sushi place, it's their ramen that captivated our hearts. Most of my friends recommends the Texas Ramen a tonkotsu based ramen, advertised with local farm pork and chicken broth. It comes with BBQ pork belly, shiitake... Continue Reading →

Torang Bakudapa – Manadonese restaurant

So a friend of mine opened a Manadonese restaurant in Bintaro, South Tangerang. For the non-Indonesian, Manado is a city in North Sulawesi Province of Indonesia. The cuisine of Manado is famous for its rich variation of sea food and extra spicy. I've only eaten Manadonese food once before, some 15 years ago, so I... Continue Reading →

Japan Train Station Stamps

Stamps are a big thing in East Asian countries, especially in Japan. Instead of hand written signatures, you'll be using hanko or stamps for documents. Everyone has their own personalized stamps for documents. Not only people, stations also have their own stamps. The stamps are usually located on a stand near one of the entrances... Continue Reading →

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