Mod Pizza

So a friend told me of her favorite pizza place in Houston. It's called Mod Pizza. She told me that you can customize your pizza with your preferred topping. I looked it up and found that Mod Pizza is what they call an artisan style pizza. You could select your preferred topping out of 30... Continue Reading →

El Gato Coffee House, Houston

I was looking for a kitty fix the other day. Unlike Jakarta, it's really rare to see a cat wondering around in Houston. So looked up cat cafe and I found one called El Gato Coffee house, down at the Houston Heights. The coffee house closes at 6PM so I went straight ahead from work... Continue Reading →

Soma Sushi, Houston

Soma sushi is one of our friend's "ceritified" delicious restaurant in Houston. Even though the name says it's a sushi place, it's their ramen that captivated our hearts. Most of my friends recommends the Texas Ramen a tonkotsu based ramen, advertised with local farm pork and chicken broth. It comes with BBQ pork belly, shiitake... Continue Reading →

Tamashi Ramen, Houston

Wasn't feeling good last week so decided to cheer me self up with Ramen. My coworker recommended Tamashi Ramen over at Silber Road near the office near I-10 and I-610. This place is one of my friend's "certified" delicious food. I've tried this place before when the place just opened, but have no idea what... Continue Reading →

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